Freemium Travel - Introduction!
What is Freemium Travel? Its the idea of experiencing "Premium" travel and destinations at as close to "Free" as possible. How? Through a combination of points, miles, promotions, and sometimes just plain awesome deals.

My goal is to take the vast knowledge of the travel/points blogging community, digest it, and turn it into something comprehensible for all my friends and family. I do not consider myself an expert, but I hope to gain more knowledge with each deal and posting.

I will start with explaining a few potential deals that currently exist, recap on a few that we have taken advantage of in the past, and finally, what i'm really looking forward to, offering free consultations for anyone that has a stash of points and miles, and doesn't know what to do with them!

I look forward to sharing this information with everyone I meet, and meeting even more people along the way.

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