Recommended Sites

None of my posts would be possible without the vast knowledge and experience of the travel blogging and forum communities.

A compilation of popular blogs dedicated to travel, points, and miles. View From The Wing, One Mile at a Time, and LoyaltyTraveler are my personal favorites.
Great for up to date credit card offers, travel news, and trip reports in premium cabins.
The difinitive forums for all things points, miles, and travel. This site is enourmous, confusing, and awesome. I recommend searching on google and adding flyertalk to your query.
A newer fresher offshoot of the flyertalk community, these forums also have a great deal of information, and a slightly more welcoming atmosphere if you want to post a question.

I prefer skyscanner over as my first place to look for airfare. It occassionally will include results from Southwest, that you would otherwise have to search on

These are just a few of my personal favorites and I welcome suggestions to add to the list.

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